Picture Your Retirement: An Introduction

Will I be healthy? 

Will I have enough money to do what I want?

Will I be able to work if I need to?

These are all normal questions for you to ask while you plan for your retirement.  Let’s try one more: What do I want my retirement to be like?

That question is probably pretty easy for you to answer.  Whether you are saving up for a home on the lake, moving to a new city, or planning on traveling you likely have an idea of the kind of retirement you want. But does your savings agree?  

According to Plan Sponsor, currently, only 25% of American workers are confident they’ll have enough money for retirement. Our goal at PAi is to increase this number, so we have created the “Picture Your Retirement” campaign.

Every week we will be highlighting one of the 2012 top 25 cities to retire in according to CNN Money. While highlighting cities, PAi will be giving tips on how to best reach the retirement you “picture” with the savings you need. On top of that we will be highlighting activities to do in each of these cities, so that you can gauge which city would be best for you once you reach your savings goal.

So be sure to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to our blog, or (hopefully) do all the above. You won’t want to miss out on these tips, pics, and info on how you can Picture Your Retirement. 


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